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  • Who is Ooty?
    Ooty is a registered trademark of the Black Oak Company, of woodframe structures, with a perspective of contemporary construction, prefabricated, low ecological footprint and high energy efficiency. We produce and market models of micro lodging, modular mobile housing and prefabricated woodframe houses.
  • Is Ooty transportable?
    An Ooty is divisible, for transport, in flatpack, by truck or sea container. Thus, transport and storage costs are significantly lower over long distances and allow us to export both the smallest models and our properties. The micro housing modules Ooty as well as the modules of the eXPand system, have dimensions that were studied for road circulation, assembled, without the need for beaters when transporting, when assembled. Their movement is made by truck or boat and this will be the preferred method for delivery since it does not require the displacement of a lot of labor and machines for assembly on site. Contrary to the Ooty ooty and Ooty eXPand modules, our Ooty House models require finishing done on site.
  • What kind of maintenance do i need with an Ooty?
    Ooty was very concerned with this issue, we want customers to have access to quality equipment combined with an image that defines us. For this we select a range of low maintenance materials in the finishes and even when it comes to wood abroad we are concerned that it has the best quality guarantee and is prepared exactly for that function, treated for the exterior. The Ooty's structure does not need any maintenance, they are properly protected. The wood exposed on the outside oxidizes as a natural product and its oxidation gives it a gray tint and over time it can dry out. If you want to avoid the natural oxidation of the wood, then you must carry out a simple and sporadic maintenance based on a wood protector, a Lasur impregnant or oil, in an advisable interval of about 3/4 years, depending on where it will be installed and its sun exposure. Materials such as Shingle, Viroc, etc., strategically designed for the elements most exposed in our modules, do not require any type of maintenance. In our immobile and modular models, optional materials such as the ETICs system (cappotto), cork, aluminum, etc., will have the maintenance inherent to the material that you must follow in a maintenance plan and information about the materials that compose it.
  • An Ooty is builted of wood, should I be concerned with fires?"
    The spread of fires affects any structure regardless of the construction system, be it Wood, Concrete, Steel, etc. Interestingly, contrary to what most people imagine, the wood used in construction, which complies with international standards, has a very surprising fire resistance behavior and is proven to be a material of choice in this regard as a substructure, studies by the most diverse professional and academic entities prove that wood is a preferred system when it comes to fire resistance. This is because, unlike concrete and steel, the wooden structure can withstand its weight much longer in the event of fire than the others, which tend to collapse much more quickly, in the case of metal due to the material's temperaure and temperatures extremely high in addition to the metal hardening in terms of reinforced concrete. Wood, burns at a low speed and temperature and is known by firefighters, while exterior fibers are carbonizing it maintain the structural capacities of interior fibers for much longer than steel and furthermore produce less toxic fumes, which are the biggest reason for death in fires, which allows a better chance of escape and a longer and safer fire fighting time. It is normal that after a fire, a reinforced concrete or metal structure, even if it has not collapsed, has to be completely demolished due to the loss of structural properties of the steel. On the woodframe this may not be necessary and may be easy to rebuilt. Ooty. builds all its woodframe structures in accordance with Eurocode 5 to ensure compliance with intercommunity rules and to be able to operate in these markets as well.
  • Is an Ooty ecologic?
    Yes, it is a type of sustainable construction and concerned with the environment, more and more we have to have the notion of responsible society and worry about our ecological footprint, after all, we can change houses but it is much more complicated to change the planet !
  • How long does an Ooty last?
    In some european countries the wooden construction was lost in time, the wooden structure that was traditional in our construction, mainly in slabs and roofs, was lost to concrete in the middle of the 20th century. Today it regains its position with the technological advancement of wooden construction and the easy access to the raw material that is the most used in the construction of houses in the world. It is necessary to remember that the traditional construction of most of the most developed countries is in wooden substructure, from the USA, Canada, Nordic European countries, South Africa, Asian countries like China and Japan, Australia and New Zealand, are some of the examples. And in climates as different as islands in the Caribbean or the Swiss Alps. In addition to all the advantages already mentioned above, the plasticity of the wood, its natural resistance to compression as well as tension, the absence of thermal bridges in this type of construction and the speed with which it is carried out, allows to give the best possible response to the demand for wood. Marketplace. Allied to this is the undoubted feeling of belonging and comfort that wood provides us and that we do not feel the same way with steel and concrete. The technology applied to the construction, today allows to create huge naves with wooden structure, laminated wood, wood with the crossed shaft, chemical and natural treatments, correct drying times and the forestry industry itself with a monitoring and improvement of the species has created wood that if correctly applied they allow a durability even higher than that of concrete, with very little or no maintenance.
  • What guarantee does an Ooty have?
    Ooty. offers a guarantee in accordance with the legislation acordingly with the country, regardless of whether it is an house or removable equipment. However, our selection of materials has its own guarantees and in that sense we have some exterior coatings such as thermo-treated wood for example. We are sure that as long as there is some care with your Ooty, you will leave a legacy to your heirs for some generations.
  • What advantages do I have in purchasing an Ooty?
    The advantages are numerous. Sustainable, ecological construction, high energy class, the wooden substructure has no thermal bridges, an appealing and contemporary image, long-term growth capacity, constructive speed, economic factors, since we have achieved more affordable values ​​due to the quality prefabricated construction and you can choose to acquire only the space you need at the moment and also, because you belong to a restricted club of conscious people who are concerned not only with the aspect of your space but with all the surroundings inherent to this type of construction and its low ecological footprint. At Ooty, we are a family, a company where you can feel the support and confidence you need to have in the stability of your personal space. We work every day to continuously improve our products so that you can be proud to own an Ooty, recognizing it as a brand of excellence!
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