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Ooty . Ooty

It is the original model of a concept very oriented towards Glamping as small modules prepared for accommodation.

They come in sizes S, M, L and XL and with the ability to be equipped with bathroom and kitchen pantry kits.


Lille Olympique Sporting Club Métropole training center

Ooty s.png

Ooty S

Ooty m.png

Ooty M

Ooty L.png

Ooty L

Ooty XL.png

Ooty XL

Height - 2.75 m

Height - 2.75 m

Height - 2.75 m

Height - 2.75 m

Width - 3.00 m

Width - 3.00 m

Width - 3.00 m

Width - 3.00 m

Length - 2.50 m

Length - 3.75 m

Length - 5.00 m

Length - 6.00 m

Technical features

- High build quality

- Thermo-treated exterior wood

- Nordic pine interior wood

- Thermal and acoustic insulation

- Individual electrical panel

- Aluminum window frames

- Double glass

- Birch suspended ceiling

- Floor OSB

- Stainless steel luminaires

- Built-in LED lighting

- Four or more electrical outlets

- TV socket, Radio

- Switching switches

- LED outdoor lighting

- Advanced shading

- Independent Outdoor Deck

- Shingle tile, color to choose

- Anti-condensation waterproofing

- Top closure in Viroc

- Aluminum sill

- Cozy design

- Optional bathroom module

- Optional kitchen module

- Low energy consumption

- Low maintenance

- Pre installation of air conditioning


The Ooty model emerged from the tribal design of small houses in an Indian municipality located on the hills of Nilgiri, the tea mountains of North India.
It was originally occupied by the "Toda" tribe, which is still present today with its characteristic houses. A region of idyllic and inspiring landscapes.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Ooty . Zero
Ooty Zero 6.jpg

Technical features

Registered Ooty model, barrel-shaped for the most diverse uses. A more economical but very versatile model.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Douro medidas.png

- Milled solid wood in spruce

- Xylofene wood treatment

- Interior and exterior stain

- Individual electrical panel

- Indoor and outdoor lighting

- Electrical outlet

- Aluminum window frames

- Double glass

- Natural wood interiors

- OSB Floor

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